Maybe it was the sound of those cherries falling
right from the sky
that startled me.
Hitting the ground just hard enough to bruise
just right
so the sweet got even sweeter.

And caught your eye,
seduced your mouth, lips, fingers, and hands,
fumbling through to find
that bittersweet sting on your tongue
and gushes of ripened sweetness
behind layers of pink and red smooth softness.

Like those half-cherries you used to suck from my tongue.

But, you didn’t notice
that my chin was still dripping with
your sweetness
and waiting for moments,
or not-quite-moments,
expecting sweet from spoiled…

Silly me, I couldn’t tell the difference by looking at it.

But, I was just trying to say that
I could crawl up in this cherry tree
for a while
and feast on everything you missed
in your hurry.


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