I feel this coming like a tidal wave
And all I can do is sit on the shore and wait, watch
Close my eyes and focus my attention on
The sand between my hourglass fingers
Slipping through like the time it takes you to bring me back

But, there’s a heavy fog in the air today
Visibility extending, maybe, ten feet
That keeps me focused on the things right in front of me
And so I try not to worry, obsess, and hide
From the things lurking in the milky cloud ahead

Maybe it’s the questions we never think to ask
That have the most pertinent answers
And it isn’t fear that grips me when I sleep
Wrapped around you like vines on glass windows
It’s resentment clawing at the edges of my mind

So, if you asked me, and if I could tell you
I would say everything you want to hear
Twisted sideways into all the things you don’t
But, as you know, my smile always shines brightest
When the spotlight is on and the audience sits holding their breath

Which is how I know everything will still be beautiful
After the waves come crashing down.


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