Midnight on the Pacific

I’m twisted in knots and tongue tied.

I wish I had my muse.

I wish you were here to crawl inside me and wrap your arms around my heart. I wish you could.

I’m scattered.

This part isn’t easy. Feeling my mind sink inside itself and searching, desperately, for the exit. I’m afraid my life raft has a hole. But I’d still gladly float away, if it meant I’d be closer to the surface when the sunset fades.

I hear it’s dark as black in the middle of the ocean at midnight, save for bits of moonlight on the water. The song of seagulls sounds like screaming. But all I hear is the sound of my breathing.

I’m not as strong as you think.

I wish I knew how to let you hold me when I cry, but my tears are words on paper. It’s all I’ve ever known.

Maybe someday I can teach you how to read between these lines.


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